Low Ker Jin


My Profile

Best-known as Kerjin, together with his long-time friend, this very passionate IT person co-founded LinkZZapp Group Sdn Bhd and building LinkZZapp to be holistic platform solution provider for Property Industry. After graduated from Universiti Sains Malaysia, he spent more than a decade building up his career and self-development in IT industry. Before being designated as LinkZZapp’s Chief Technical Officer, Kerjin was a RnD Senior Manager in a local leading IT company.

Playing his role as CTO in LinkZZapp, Kerjin is responsible in leading a growing team to meet business requirements. Kerjin is also the person behind LinkZZapp’s technical team overall planning, organizing and execution of all IT functions. Holding on the principle of great leadership, Kerjin always ensures that his team is given as much exposure as possible to enhance skills and knowledge. Besides supporting and maintaining existing platform, Kerjin develops his team and his personal skills and knowledge by challenging themselves to keep improving LinkZZapp’s platform and develop new IT solutions.

Having deep love in Tech doesn’t make him a person who always attach to smartphone or laptop. Cleverly priorities his responsibility, Kerjin is a very lovely dad who spend his time outside office with his family. This family-oriented man dedicatedly blessed his family by giving full care and attention.